Funny Google Searches

So far in March, these are some of the amusing searches that have landed people on my website:

* “turkey twizzlers” (because of the show Jamie’s School Dinners of course)
* “picture of testicle in egg cup” Some people are twisted…
* Many variations using the words, “nipple”, “Javine” and “Eurovision”
* “give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach” I’m offended! I’m not ready to give up yet!!
* “email contacts of bread in canada 2005” Wow I knew email was popular, but even bread has email now?
* “what are snowflakes?” Wow how thick are YOU?!
* “the door is alarmed. how do you think i feel?” What? You think I care??
* One of the repeated entries that I get every month and makes me laugh to tears “Anastacia is a man” Good to see I’m not the only one suspecting this!!!

I’ve got some more good ones, but that’ll do for now 🙂

5 thoughts on “Funny Google Searches

  1. thomas johnstone

    srry for swearing but go on google and type “fuckwit” and click im feeling lucky
    and it comes up with me brown from the english party LMAO

  2. m0Z

    All of you just type “failure” and hit that I feel lucky button





  3. Adam Talbot

    To the Guy who wrote that typing “Fuckwit” would bring up, “me brown from the english party LMAO”… The search result yielded is John Prescott, Deputy Prime-Minister of the Labour Party, UK. Not the “english party”… you fuckwit.

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