Some Canadian bloggers

Thought I’d make a list of the Canadians I’ve noticed recently in the blogosphere and have started reading. We all know assiduous blogging takes time and dedication, but I thought I’d give even the brand new blogs a chance.

  • Canadian Expats is a newly-created blog with a few different authors, (such a new blog, it only has one author so far… Ok, two because I decided to get involved!) cross the world.
  • BiteMe is written by a vegan from Northern Ontario with a tendancy to kill her houseplants apparently… as well as a habit of saying “Bite me!” to large headless corporations.
  • Marmalade is a random banter and knitting (!!!) blog that I’ve been reading somewhat regularly for the past few months. Always makes me smile 🙂
  • Pioneer Woman by Melissa, a Canadian with two beautiful kids and a cat, writes about everyday life in a Canadian home.

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