And finally…

The video of our new house, nearly 3 months after moving in!!! [Do “save as…” and save it to your computer before watching… it’s the better way to do it…]

I kept getting told off for not having made a video by the whole family, so it was about time. Spot the photo of Véro & Jo when we were kids… 😉

4 thoughts on “And finally…

  1. Steven

    Computer Science!

    In your living room storage cupboard, am I right in thinking you’ve got five years worth of lightbulbs racked at the bottom? Or are they Christmas Crackers? (Only 124 days to go!).

    Very cool place!

  2. Jo

    Yay! Merci d’avoir fait le video Véro! J’ai super hâte de voir la place. La cour arrière est super pour des bbq!

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