My Little X-Treme Pony

My Little Pony

Dooce‘s daughter rocks!


Blogging is so odd, you can read so much about people, you start thinking you know them, and then you come to the realisation that a. you’ve never met them, and b. you’ve based your image of them on what they choose to divulge on their blog. Granted in some cases, like Dooce’s, she reveals pretty much everything there is to know, and probably too much sometimes, [Don’t say you haven’t been warned!] while others just happen to have charming online personas that we just choose to be happy with.

I don’t really know anyone else in real life who has kept a regular online diary of their personal life over the years, so I haven’t been able to compare reality and what the blogger chooses to share, except for my own little life. In my case, I chose to steer clear of talking about work because, first of all, I know how bloody good Google can be at digging up very very old shit. So I kept quiet during the months where I hated my job, leaving my dear other half to suffer while I bitched and moaned about incompetent managers. And now? Well, I love my new job. Nobody online actually wants to hear happy news, do they!? I’m sure you can all do without a cheeseball lovesong to my new job…

So where was I going with this… Oh yeah, blogging, feeling like you know people. Now with podcasting, vlogging and photoblogging, it just seems we can get as deep into other people’s lives as they will let us.

But for now, thanks for visiting, it’s time for you to go. Good night! *Shuts door*

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