Given names throughout the years

Came across an interesting link today. Wondering whether anyone else was crazy enough to name their child Peach or in what year the name Zula was at its most popular? The Baby Name Voyager will tell you.

Shame they don’t cover French-language names, as I’d be very curious to look at some names’ popularity.

I’m afraid this is the kind of site that’s better viewed on a Windows computer for full effect. My Mac’s not handling the page too well…
* later *
Nevermind, it’s working fine in any browser, our internet connection is just a bit slow tonight!

One response to “Given names throughout the years

  1. thanks for your comment at my running blog! its always fun to see people motivated 🙂 i noticed you have a cooking blog too so i left a comment there as well… that was a fun baby name voyager, sad that my name isnt there although i can never find it anywhere anyway lol
    have a nice day 🙂

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