Not quite Spring yet…

This morning, we went for a walk to the old water reservoir at this end of Haverhill. We came across a few Canadian geese (ok maybe not Canadian ones, but they looked like the good ol’ bernache du Canada so good enough for me).

Those with a sharp eye might notice how much better quality this batch of photos is compared to previous ones. Andrew has worked so hard recently, I’ve allowed him to treat himself to a new Canon 350D. 😉

So this may be the beginning of a new era of photos on my blog, with both a reasonably good camera on my N70 phone and Andrew’s fantastic camera! Assuming we don’t just get too lazy to blog them, but then iPhoto makes it all so much easier to resize and create thumbnails, we have no excuse!

3 thoughts on “Not quite Spring yet…

  1. JulZ

    Hey hey! C’est l’fun de voir que l’hiver etait pas trop dur chez vous!

    Nous on a eu deux jours de grosse chaleur, mais aujourd’hui… juste du froid, pis du vent! shoots…

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