CB2 Internet Bistro, Norfolk Street, Cambridge

It’s cute, buzzing with conversations without being overly noisy, and no one’s making you feel guilty for having only a cup of green tea and a plate of spicy chips with garlic mayo (which, by the way, were very tasty!).

painting of CB2

I was planning on blogging about this place from the moment I walked in – but I expected to have to wait until I got home. Local Secrets describes it as an Internet Bistro, but to me, it’s akin to the now defunct Steaming Bean, which was on Besserer Street in Ottawa.

The Internet factor is just a bonus. A big bonus in fact! I vaguely recall a few colleagues mentioning that this place had wireless Internet, but it’s only 5 minutes ago when I pulled out my Powerbook to make a few notes that a notice asking me if I wanted to connect to the network reminded me of it.

I feel this may become a second home this summer… Haven’t yet tried anything off their menu other than those spicy chips, but seeing meals being wheeled around by the waiters, they definitely look and smell gorgeous!

[Note: If any Cambridge regulars call me an idiot for not going to CB2 until now, even though it’s a 2 minute walk from work, I’ll borrow the guns from the company paintballing event tomorrow night and make them repeat what they just said.]
[Note 2: The above includes you, Patto. I’ll come find you in Oz if need be!]
[Note 3: And no, I’m not taking part in the actual paintballing activity. I’m a total wuss.]

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