Great iPhoto tool: Keyword Assistant

I came across the Keyword assistant for iPhoto this afternoon. Far from new, Macworld reviewed it in November 2005 here, but it was news to me.

As I’ve been immersed in tags of all sorts recently, having developed an addiction to (unusually late adoption for me, but that’s another whole topic) amongst other things, so it seemed to make sense to tag my photos as well.

A few reasons for this:

  • I rarely name my photos and a long string of digits, while hinting at the date the photo was taken, doesn’t help me find the photo I’m really looking for.
  • My memory is terrible: Even if I named the photo, it’s likely six months down the line, the name won’t be descriptive enough anymore and I still won’t be able to find the photo in question.
  • I like the concept of tagging, it’s an effortless way to name photos without worrying about only capturing the essential of the situation for the sake of the length of the file name.

So tagging, as I said, is effortless, quick, and great when your memory is like a sieve.

As iPhoto was lacking in tagging ability (it is possible to tag photos but it’s an annoying process), I thought I’d give Keyword Assistant a try. No learning curve, nothing to figure out – it just works immediately. Import photos, pop open the Keyword assistant and chug through the pictures to name them. As with all other apps that use Spotlight, it then makes narrowing down the search for a specific photo a million times easier! For example, all photos taken with my Nokia N70 phone are tagged “N70” as well as being tagged by topic.

An ideal plugin for iPhoto if you like your tagging!

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