British weather at its best

I just can’t believe the completely wacky weather we’ve been getting these past two weeks. British weather’s gone bipolar, and it’s having a serious crisis. One moment, we get the tank tops and sunscreen out, the next we’re reaching for the coats and the umbrellas!

Today, it reached the peak of its insanity, hitting us with a full light and sound show, accompanied with some hail the size of blueberries from the Lac St-Jean!

We managed to catch a few shots before it stopped as suddenly as it had started! (Sorry for the quirk which causes photos to double up below. There are 5 pics, click on “View full gallery” to see all 5!)

3 thoughts on “British weather at its best

  1. Francine

    Sorry si je souris… en effet, ici il fait 30C, c’est l’été. Et Roy qui craignait un blizzard canadien…
    Love you xoxo Maman

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