Because summer is finally paying us a visit

Hopefully this time, we’ll get more than a fleeting visit from the sun, warmth and vitamin D we’ve been lacking so much over the past few months.

To celebrate the sun (and to go annoy my sister), we went down to Scudamore’s for a river punt, with strawberries and beer. (Less classy that strawberries and champagne, I know… and opening bottles is tougher!) Annabel and I sat back and enjoyed the sun, while the boys (Andrew & John) did all the hard work.

After a few weeks of very chilled out holiday-like time, hanging out with my sisters, I’m jumping back into full routine as of Monday, so time to go spend some time in the sun (yes mom, I haven’t forgotten the sunscreen!) and finish the book I’ve started reading…

3 thoughts on “Because summer is finally paying us a visit

  1. Ade

    So… now you’re going back to work, does that mean Andrew and I will have to nag you *even more* about doing driving lessons?

  2. pa

    J’aime beaucoup la 3ème photo…une classique touriste… le style parent? mon style..En passant sous le pont des soupirs, est-ce que tu penses..’c’était de belles vacances en famille?’
    Merci d’avoir reçu si chaleureusement (ouf..c’est ben long ce mot) JoLouis.. ‘Et c’est pas fini..ce n’est qu’un début..’ Julie, la star, peut te la chanter.. Bon retour au boulot..
    ‘Lundi matin, Julie, Joelle et son grand prin-ce sont venu chez moi pour..’

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