Lisa turns 30

This weekend was my sister in law Lisa’s 30th birthday party, and everyone had to dress up as something that starts with an “L”. Lisa made a (very camp) leperchaun costume for my other half Andrew, and I came as Lea from Big Brother (She makes Jordan’s implants look reasonable).

Before my mom freaks out, it IS a fake cigarette I am smoking halfway through the photo album Andrew’s put together in Picasa. So have a laugh on this beautiful Monday morning and see what I’d look like as a blonde.

PS – If anyone is wondering what my sister Julie is dressed up in all her Canadian gear, she’s a Loser – a Worldcup loser who has no team to cheer for.
PPS – Spot Lara Croft, a Lego man, a Lumberjack, a Lawn tennis player, Love and two Lazy people.

One thought on “Lisa turns 30

  1. pa

    Party time ..c’est très ‘thématique’?
    Mais j’étais mal à l’aise quand j’ai ouvert le site chez Martial et Daniel, Jacob et Zach regardaient aussi..
    J’ai vite ‘skippés’ les photos..pris hors contexte, ça fait vulgaire..
    J’ai envoyé le lien à Kazimir et Monique, le mois passé et je sais qu’il visite beaucoup l’internet..Il a déjà regardé celui de JoLouis selon son dernier courriel..
    Je voulais faire dire un mot personnel au sujet de certaines photos *$#”..Bonne semaine xx

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