I blog, therefore I talk about cats

There’s an unwritten rule in the blogosphere that one should not talk about their cat on their blog. It’s cheesy and highly uninteresting to everyone but you. But I’ve decided to break the rule just this once…

This is my new pet cat Sammy.

Sammy the Cheetah, Park Villa Hotel, Heilbronn Germany

Ok, so maybe he’s not mine, and maybe he’s not really a cat either. He’s a 9 months old cheetah, an animal usually found in deepest Southern Africa. But this baby lives elsewhere. It lives in Heilbronn, beautiful Germany.

We spent a fantastic, if a bit too hot, weekend in Germany – a first-time visit for me – for our friends Eric & Alex’s wedding, but I’ll post those pictures later. Much too knackered right now from the flight back!

We had the wonderful chance to see Sammy this morning when the owner of the Park Villa Hotel allowed us to join him while he fed him breakfast – a nice big piece of meat. Sammy went on to also snack on the hotel’s pet tortoise’s breakfast as well – a leaf of salad – and moved on to main course by trying to take a bite out of Andrew’s thigh! It was like a giant cat who’s play-biting, so Andrew didn’t have the reaction to move away, but the owner quickly lured away Sammy with some leftover meat, to ensure Andrew kept both his legs.

And the purring, oh, the purrrrring! It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard, he really wants to be loved and cuddled, and purrs like a giant version of a house cat!

I’ll link to all the photos of the cheetah, as well as the wedding pictures tomorrow. But for now, danke schoen and gute nacht.

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