Welcome to beautiful Germany

I’ve been happily showing off pictures of Sammy the cheetah, but it’s time to post a few of the other photos of our friends Alex and Eric’s wedding in Germany this weekend. Discovering where a friend grew up, who and what they were surrounded by is always interesting and eventful!

For those of you who know Alex & Eric and would like to get all the photos, drop me an email and I’ll send the rest over. 🙂

2 responses to “Welcome to beautiful Germany

  1. pa

    Une belle cĂ©rĂ©monie…ça me rappelle votre mariage..beaucoup d’amis et beaucoup de sourires.. malgrĂ© la %$#” panne d’Ă©lectricitĂ© ..Il n’y pas de musique bavaroise par lĂ ??
    bonne fin-de-semaine..xo

  2. George Khauly

    Deutschland ist das beste Land in der Welt.

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