Oh the sweetest things!

American Lard Gums

Mmmmm… only 59p too!

[Photo taken at Sainsbury’s this morning, hohoho!]

[Edit 20/08/06: Just to clarify, the sweets are “American Hard Gums”, but the packaging was folded to look like “Lard Gums” instead. Andrew does wish lard gums could be bought in shops though!]

7 thoughts on “Oh the sweetest things!

  1. Jo

    Hi Vero!

    Does that say ‘Lard Gums’? I guess the snacks over there are WAY different than they are in Canada! Something else I will have to get used to!

  2. Peps

    Yeah, they are way different!! Over here, all the candy is all made from beef tallow or lard.

    No wonder candy is more popular in north america!!

  3. Rose

    A hahaha, you guys seriously think Americans eat this? Um i haven’t even heard of lard gums, and i’ve been living in the states my whole life.

  4. Vero

    Hi Rose,

    The reason this picture was funny is that there IS no such thing as lard gums. They’re hard gums – basically boiled sugar sweets. But the way the wrapper folded, it looked like lard gums.

    Sorry the comedy was lost on you. 🙂

    (Oh the irony..)

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