72 Days until Christmas

I know we’re still two and a half months away, but it takes me so long to come up with something I want when my mom asks me what I’d like so I thought I’d start the list now. [Note: Do use common sense to figure out which I’m asking for real and which are just dreams… or go ahead and get me the dreamy ones too!]

  • A Lin & Leo bag (the larger one, in turquoise or raspberry please!)
  • A Nintendo Wii, with a second set of controller and nunchuk, and games like Zelda, Mario, etc…
  • An Apple iTV for the lounge
  • Doctor Who Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD
  • Grumpy Girl tshirts: In order of preference, Instant Ramen, It’s Not Couture on pink, GG Tries to Smile on pink, Organised Mess on blue.
  • One of the supersized video ipods to replace the ipod mini – Nothing wrong with the mini, except for the complete lack of a battery life!
  • A handmade book bag by Caitlin – what a creative way to recycle old unloved classic books
  • Lots of spare time to get pepsmedia running at full steam…
  • And finally, last but not least… some stuff from I See France as pyjamas!!!

Not too much to ask, is it?!

One response to “72 Days until Christmas

  1. I have a Nintendo Wii on preorder already….can’t wait!

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