And I would walk 500 miles…

Nah, actually, I wouldn’t. And neither would they. But they’d walk 96 miles, they would!

Wicken Fen walk“They” are two newly married couples who will be walking 96 miles across the Scottish Highlands in May. The idea sprouted in October, and slowly the sheer grandeur of their Scottish escapade is starting to make itself known.

“Kindly, the boys produced a sort of aerial view of our walk on Google Earth – mmmmm………Is it too late to back out? We are walking very far! Its almost hlafway to Cardiff from Cambridge! Going shopping for new equipment will help ease the stress levels.”

It’s promising to be quite a funny read over the next few months, as Steph shares her socks-maths and Annabel wonders the likelihood of fitting SingStar in her backpack. 🙂

I can’t give much advice on anything fitness-related, but if anyone wants to share camping/trekking tips with them, I’m sure they’ll be welcome!

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