The kids are alright: Round-up of the past few days' surfing

A few links to prove the world’s still going ’round and people are still doing their thang…

  • Need to stock up on plonk for Christmas? Thresher is offering 40% off all wine and champagne from 30th Nov to 10th Dec. Print the voucher and pass it on to your friends! Viral marketing at its simplest.
  • The ban has finally been lifted on the Griffin iTrip and similar short-distance FM transmitters. Common sense prevails!
  • Amy Winehouse is a bit too drunk to sing on the Charlotte Church show. Now, I’m a fan of Amy’s albums, but everything I’ve seen of her live so far makes me quite happy I didn’t bother to go see her live in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. I think I would’ve fallen out of love, just like I did with LAL last year.
  • I’m getting incredibly antsy, waiting for delivery of my brand new Macbook. It should arrive within the next few days, and hours seem to stretch the closer it gets to delivery date. Unfortunately, it’s not stretching my hours of sleep.
  • Ouch. The Zune gets a poor review from Andy Ihnatko at the Chicago Sun-Times. Anyone bought one? I’m interested in seeing some opposition’s reviews as well.

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