Weird things that have taken my fancy recently

  • Knitting: I don’t know why, I just want to knit something painfully kitsch. I think it’s a mix of watching Ugly Betty, coming across an old blog entry by Katie mentioning crocheting, and just wanting one of those really soft scarves but never finding one I like.
  • Get a Wacom graphics tablet: I’ve had a few short flashbacks to my teenage years when my right wrist was hurting so much I could hardly type. Hasn’t been bad so far, but it does concern me a bit. Plus I wanted to get some basic image editing software for Mac, and it looks like the tablets come with either Photoshop Elements or Corel Essentials (which on their own cost about the same price as the tablet) so … why not?
  • Wanting to write services for the Nabaztag: So she’s officially called Keira (much to Andrew’s great pleasure), but she hasn’t done much so far other than telling me what time it is and doing a bit of tai chi. Longer post on this topic in the next few days.
  • I soooo want these: A shoe rack wheel, the b00tiful iPhone (not bizarre, just droolingly nice!), a little dog like Spudgy and a kitty like this.
  • Gingerbread house: At Christmas, I put together a gingerbread tree, but it was a total cheat and I’d like to do a full house from scratch. It’d be pretty, with lots of jelly tots and candy windows, iced sugar snow and a little house number by the door.

2 thoughts on “Weird things that have taken my fancy recently

  1. rentAroom

    I think it is a new craze!
    I went to Chapters, saw a scarf in a takeout box, basically a fancy takeout box, a roll of yarn, and knitting needles..
    I then went to another store 3crazyladies or something like that and saw another item very similar on sale.
    Make your own scarf, a new passtime. Less calories then the gingerbread house 🙂

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