What a beautiful day!

I absolutely love the weather today – It’s a crisp 10 degrees Celcius, but the sun is shining bright, and there are few clouds. Nature is slightly confused that we haven’t really had anything resembling a winter, with the exception of the two days of light snow earlier this week, and the tree outside our house has bloomed, frozen and defrosted a number of times, yet the little pink flowers seem to have toughed it out.

Looking out the patio doors, for a moment, I got a glimpse of summer and the BBQs we’ll be having again as soon as the weather is suitable. Really can’t wait to sit outside again, especially as we didn’t take advantage of the garden enough last summer.

Flowers blooming in winter

For those interested, this picture was taken with Andrew’s Sony Ericsson K800. Not bad quality for a phone camera!

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