For my mommy!

Today, Monday, is my mom’s birthday. I’m a rubbish daughter and didn’t send her a card. So instead I decided to make a video, giving excuses as to why I didn’t send one. Hopefully it’ll amuse her enough to make her forget about the missing card…

I’m so going to regret posting this publicly!

For the French-impaired, read more for the summary… 😉

Reason #1: The mailman’s fault
It snowed in the UK recently. Two centimeters and the world stopped spinning. People were talking about using chains for their car tires.
Reason #2: Sorry, too busy!
Reason #3: They took me as hostage!
Reason #4: My dog ate it!
Reason #5: I lost my marbles
Reason #6: Cards are boring

12 responses to “For my mommy!

  1. Catou

    TROP DRÔLE!!! J’adore ton chien! Moi je vote pour que se vidéo soit en nomination aux oscars!

  2. Louis

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (tout seul a rire trop fort dans mon bureau)

  3. Jowel

    Au moins je suis pas la seule à pouffer de rire toute seule! Lol. Best actor in a supporting role: le chien à Véro.

  4. JulZ

    AHHH t’es donc ben drole, Vero!!! 😛 T’as trouvé le temps de faire ça dans ton horaire chargé? Aye c’est bon. c’est vraiment bon. Pis j’avoue que le chien était pas mal original…
    J’ai fais un gâteau blanc qui disait 53 en rose, je savais que j’m’étais trompé d’âge!!!

  5. JulZ

    p.s. – j’adore le nouveau style de ton site, ça fait printemps

  6. pa

    Avec francine je regarde le video à midi aujourd’hui.. hihihihi..tu es super drôle..! Je souris toute la journée en pensant à toi.. et ton ‘chien’? Je pensais que tu avais un ‘mouton’? Très amusant..c’est mieux qu’un ‘Hallmark moment’.. Est-ce comme ça l’expression?
    Wow la techno..Merci les Louis tout seul!

  7. Darren

    Hahaha this one made me laugh!!

    Reason #1: The mailman’s fault
    It snowed in the UK recently. Two centimeters and the world stopped spinning. People were talking about using chains for their car tires.

    Was it even as much as 2 cms though!! 😀

  8. That was hilarious! What did your mom think of it? (and I’m very proud of myself for not needing to read the translations – I haven’t lost it yet!)

  9. Lisa: My mom loved it 😛 She couldn’t watch it at work on the morning of her birthday, so she went home at lunch to watch it!

    (Granted her work is only 2 minutes from home, but still…)

  10. Oh and Darren, you’re probably right, it was insignificant amounts of snow. But they’re Brits, give ’em a break!

  11. This is adorable. I found your site randomly by looking at what phrases people had googled to find my own blog and apparently someone googled, “canadian girl with the sheep” and both of our sites come up for that. lol. Who knows. Anyways, I’m bookmarking my fellow canadian girl.

  12. Julie

    Vraiment sympa cette petite vidéo pleine d’humour!
    Je découvre ton blog et franchement… QUEL REGAL!
    A bientôt,

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