Virtual barbershop

Get your headphones now, put them on your head and listen to the virtual barbershop. It’s one of the most bizarre experiences ever.

Come on, play along and have a listen.

Oh and happy Friday!

4 responses to “Virtual barbershop

  1. this song is absolutely legendary!



  2. Peter

    I think it was the best sound virtual experience in my all life. Hope it`s not a last one and also wish to myself and all other people as well to watch(listen) all movie in this kind of sound effect.Just wonder how you(they) do it and what kind of technology do you use? Why only headphones and not just proper speakers.Thanks guys anyway for wonderfull experience.Keep up in doing it.

  3. Peter, I suppose the suggestion to use headphones is so you get the full “3d” experience, which badly setup speakers wouldn’t. But if you have well-setup speakers, the experience might be even more exciting 🙂

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