Jack & Rose checking out Super Mario Galaxy

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In their professional opinion, the game rates 11 out of 10. With the exception of intro scenes, which could do with some basic anti-aliasing.

Best bit? That little blue hand that moves around the screen, definitely!

6 thoughts on “Jack & Rose checking out Super Mario Galaxy

  1. pa

    surprenant!!c’est une pub pour Marios?? Tu as eu une bonne idée d’en avoir 2..le spectacle de les regarder jouer…ça doit faire du bien de rire et relaxer avec eux..Paris a passé vite?? et je suppose que le iphone est aussi pour les besoins de Taptu?? bonne semaine
    PS. j’ai commandé Canon de Ani difranco pour Julie??

  2. Peps

    JOELLE… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! There is an awful story behind their names.

    We named them Jack Harkness aka Captain Jack and Rose Tyler aka Mittens (both after Dr Who). Sophie’s kids (whos cat had the kittens) started calling them by their names and then after 2 weeks somebody pointed out to us…

    “aww cute, after titanic”…

    and we were like OOOOOOHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYY GOODDDDDD!!! but it was too late to change their names!! So the names stuck, and now we have to explain every single time – no, not after titanic 😛

  3. Joelle

    When I told Louis, he said “No, it’s about Dr.Who!” He would know since he watches them all.
    I love the names by the way 😛
    I wish you could bring them in 3 weeks (and that I didn’t have allergies…)

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