iStockphoto pricing goes up: Getting greedy, are we?

Since I started blogging, iStockphoto has been my source of images to illustrate and accompany blog entries. The images were once cheap enough that a blogger who made no revenue like myself could afford to pepper the occasional post with an image to joosh it up a bit.

Now, however, I think I’m going to have to go a different route since prices are getting jacked up for the second or third year in a row. I know if I were to complain, the answer I get would be filled with words like “artist recognition” and “inflation” but it’s still getting out of my realm of comfort. I’ll be sad to go, especially seeing as it’s run by a bunch of (apparently) lovely Canucks, but it might be time to break up now.

So what are the alternatives? Flickr images which are licensed under Creative Commons, sites like stock.xchng and photos I’ve taken myself. Any other suggestions?

5 thoughts on “iStockphoto pricing goes up: Getting greedy, are we?

  1. Anthony

    We use iStock for photos in work and, to be honest, I hadn’t heard about the increase until you flagged it. Have been using stock.xchng a bit and that’s handy. Have the prices gone up by much?

  2. Liz from SnapVillage

    I’ve got a recommendation for you – SnapVillage! We’re a young but fast-growing microstock site with images priced from $1 to $50. We have a clean and friendly website, with a simple purchase process (no credit packs!), one price for all file sizes and of course, snappyness! Our contributing photographers are allowed to price their own pictures – a feature that they just love and that encourages them to give us pictures they don’t give other microstock sites, which is great for Buyers! We’re only selling in the USA right now, but plan to sell internationally really soon. Feel free to email me if you want to know more about us. Hope to see you around the Village soon!

  3. Vero

    Sure Kelly, but the images are so small they’re often unusable… The one-credit images were once large enough to be far more useful (ie. if only part of the image is going to be used)

    It doesn’t make it a bad site, it’s still extremely useful but it won’t be my main, or only, port of call moving forward.

  4. Danita

    Very timely post, I decided to look into alternative options for stock photos today because of istockphoto’s pricing. I came across LuckyOliver – very spiffy interface. They use “tokens” instead of “credits”, you get 10 tokens for $10. Also, they are a lot more generous with their image resolutions for the price. The small sizes(2 tokens) are around 850×560 and the medium size sizes (3 tokens) are around 1600×1200,

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