I nearly cried…

I saw this crashed Ferrari this morning on the way to work, and we stopped to take a snap of it. It was a sad sight, nearly brought tears to my eyes… but then I realised it was light gold. Who on Earth gets a light gold Ferrari?!

Crashed gold Ferrari 360

What a beautiful day!

I absolutely love the weather today – It’s a crisp 10 degrees Celcius, but the sun is shining bright, and there are few clouds. Nature is slightly confused that we haven’t really had anything resembling a winter, with the exception of the two days of light snow earlier this week, and the tree outside our house has bloomed, frozen and defrosted a number of times, yet the little pink flowers seem to have toughed it out.

Looking out the patio doors, for a moment, I got a glimpse of summer and the BBQs we’ll be having again as soon as the weather is suitable. Really can’t wait to sit outside again, especially as we didn’t take advantage of the garden enough last summer.

Flowers blooming in winter

For those interested, this picture was taken with Andrew’s Sony Ericsson K800. Not bad quality for a phone camera!

When you're feeling a bit under the weather…

Nothing quite like a good ol’ get together with some old friends to revive you a bit.

Unfortunately, being home alone at the moment, I’m fairly limited in terms of who to talk to. There’s that spider in the corner of the room, but it ain’t looking too chatty.

So I thought I’d make this post, which I’m sure Annabel will love! [Note: Jaded people, please turn away now. This will probably make you want to gouge your eyes out or turn your nose up. But a girl’s allowed to have a bit of fun.]

I went upstairs to pay a visit to the quiet friends with beady eyes who sit in the corner of the spare room, in particular Mishu, my first teddy. I’ve had him since the day I was born (apparently – can’t say I remember much of that day), and he was a present from my godparents Kazimier and Monique. Mishu apparently means “teddy bear”, or something along those lines, in Polish, however I must admit I’ve never checked the veracity of that statement from my godfather.

As you can see, Mishu’s wearing one awesome pink tshirt, with his own NAME on it (don’t you wish you were that cool)! There are a few reasons for that. First, it’s because he’s a cool dude. Second, it’s to do with hiding his battle scars, which are partially due to too much hugging and playing with over the years, but also due to two much-needed open-heart surgeries when Mishu was about 6 years old. He had to carefully be restuffed and resewn in the right pectoral area, and while it was a stressful time for all, he came out of it a stronger man, thanks to Maman’s love and care.

Mishu & Toutou
Probably around the same age, I was offered a substitute for Mishu, in the hope of avoiding any further open-heart surgery. But that didn’t work, he didn’t even get a name! He’s still called Toutou, which is as generic as “Teddy”. He was the evil twin, the unwanted one, the one who arrived too late. And he was inevitably the baddie in any games I played with them.

In recent years, they’ve been getting too little attention, but they’ve always travelled with me to the UK and back to Canada – even if I had to travel with only two suitcases!

So finally… Mishu and his entire posse!

Mishu & Friends
From left to right: Jeff the Monkey (a great old uni pal), Zippy the talking puppet, Piggy (a gift from high school friends), Puppy (from an old work colleague for my birthday), Mishu, Toutou, Tigger and last but not least, the funky pink Menorcan sheep!