Jamie's School Dinners

Jamie’s School Dinners shows the junk food culture in schools and the unbelievable lack of education kids have towards food and health. Most of them didn’t manage to recognize rhubarb, a leek or an asparagus. They ate Turkey Twizzlers and stayed away from anything that wasn’t processed, with added fat and/or full of sugar.

Jamie Oh! Dear ol’ Jamie Oliver (aka Mr. Salad Man) decided to attack the bad habits and teach the kids all about good food. It took a long time to convince them to even taste a piece of organic chicken or a bite of asparagus, but in the long run, kids not only enjoyed eating healthier, they even got involved in a bit of cooking!

It’s frightening to think children are surviving on reformed chicken nuggets and smiley-face-shaped chips (french fries for the north americans). I’m not planning on having children aaaaaanytime soon, but the idea of my child eating such junk all day long is very worrying! Kids seem to be growing in width faster than they’re growing in height!

The fact that Jamie cooked the school dinners in question on the same 37p per head budget that is used in schools across the area proved that eating well doesn’t have to be more expensive.

Damn, I love my food too much to want to subsist on Turkey Twizzlers and Dr. Pepper! Bring on the Maple & Mustard Basted Pork Roast!

3 thoughts on “Jamie's School Dinners

  1. Vero

    Either way, expecting to feed children on less than 50p is insane. It’s the age where they grow strong bones and need fully awakened brains to learn, we owe them a healthy meal!

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