FOWA: Some evening fun with Diggnation

After a number of interesting panels in the day, it was time for beers and Diggnation.

Think of being 10 years old and looking up to your biggest, most favourite music star. Now imagine the excitement if you were told you’d get to meet them. That’s how I felt yesterday.

Vero & Alex @ Diggnation live in London

I filmed a good part of the live Diggnation show (which I’ll put online tonight), but then the guys bravely took on the mobs of 16 year olds and joined the Carsonified party at the Excel pub. Once the crowds went home, only a few people were left. But surprise, while Kevin buggered off to the hotel, Alex and the Totally Rad Show guys stayed for some drinks! Having a chat with them, they’re just as lovely as I’d hoped.

If this kind of event and show format is the future of TV, I’m going to feel right at home.

9 thoughts on “FOWA: Some evening fun with Diggnation

  1. Jens

    Ahh, the Joshy-girl 😉 that was among the last people who left the pub. Nice picture! Can’t wait for your video upload.


  2. Grant

    OMG, you were sitting right next to me. I was the small kid with the Macbook Pro in the front row.

    I would have said if I would had realized it was you.

  3. David

    Haha I took the picture off your N95….I still feel proud that I am on Alex’s Iphone in his pirate picture.

    It was a very surreal night…especially when a guy there was trying to get Alex to ring Leo Laporte to confirm that he worked for him.

  4. Keiron Waites

    This is the first time I have experienced people reconnecting from an event via social networking sites and blogs – I’ve seen many pictures of myself and Vero plus countless other faces I recognise from the event. FOWA and Diggnation — what an awesome experience!

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  6. Emmentine

    I agree, the show was awesome and it was amazing that so many people turned up. Alex was really nice too (despite thinking that I was only there with my boyfriend and had no idea who he was, when in fact I was a little star struck and it was hard to find something to say!), Kevin seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing but I don’t blame him, must be abit scary being swarmed by fans. I hope they come to England again anyway. 🙂

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