All Peep Show'ed out

I think this weekend, Andrew and I have achieved Peep Show* overdose. On Thursday night, we started watching the first series, which star David Mitchell and Robert Webb**, the two guys from the recent UK Apple adverts. From thereon, it was a downward spiral until the end of the third season on Sunday afternoon!

Mitchell & WebbSymptoms of Peep Show overdose include talking to yourself in an inner monologue and mentally picturing David Mitchell‘s little beady hamster eyes, hearing him swear to himself that he’s going to screw things up with Sophie again.

Peep Show is probably on par with some of the best British humour, it’s a shame that it isn’t better recognized. I’d classify along the lines of Spaced, another under appreciated in British comedy.

So for now, I don’t really want to see any more of Mark and Jez, but I’m sure once I digest so much of that raw humour, I’ll go check out their new movie “Magicians”, though the reviews are a bit lukewarm at the moment.

[* No, mom. Peep Show isn’t some pervy show, it’s just some great British humour. Well, not really pervy anyways.]
[** He so doesn’t look like a “Robert” to me.]

Are you watching Eurovision?

If you’ve just started watching the total cheesefest that is Eurovision, become your own Wogan on Twitter. Find my commentary here.

Unfortunately, usually I have booze to ease the pain of the bad acts, but tonight I’ve got to stay up to go pick up the other half after a stag do, so it’s not half as fun. Bollocks!

Dealing with the first one, Bosnia & Herzegovina was already pretty bad, but now oooh Spanish Backstreet Boys… with women pretending to play the drums… Cheesy!

The Apprentice: What a bunch of incompetent twits

I’ve just finished watching last week’s The Apprentice where Alan Sugar set the two teams the task of making as much money as possible in a single day, giving them £200 as starting funds.

The girls decided to do face painting, which is a ridiculous idea outside of town fairs and birthdays, and then moved on to kissograms in the evening – a real class act! They made £65 profit.

The boys did some garden maintenance (how much must equipment rental have cost?!), followed by a singogram service ’round the pubs. They made £189 profit.

For god’s sake, they’d probably make more money panhandling or selling the Big Issue on a street corner!

I think it’s disgraceful that these are the best businesses these supposed professionals could think of. A single day of trading or running an affiliate site online would probably make them loads more than the measly amounts they made, but even baking cookies would make more revenue and be less embarrassing than resorting to kissograms!

I’ll probably watch The Apprentice until the end of the season now, just to see whether it gets any better. Hopes are low…

KT Tunstall's Big Black Horse with samplers

I know I’m going a bit heavy on the videos these days, but this is just too good not to share. KT Tunstall is great, she’s such a REAL artist, and I think this video shows it again.

Lone woman on a stage, yet you’d believe me if I said she was accompanied by a number of other musicians if you closed your eyes. Enjoy!

I ate all the ice cream

I must publicly apologise for eating all the Skinny Cow “Truly Lovin’ Toffee” ice cream this evening. Otherwise Andrew will take my blog down again and display the following message:

“Sorry, is offline temporarily as Vero ate all of the toffee ice cream. It will return as soon as she makes it up to me.”

Sorry, I was too busy paying attention to David Tennant and Martha Jones, followed by John Barrowman and Andrew Lloyd Webber (pick the ugly one out of the four…)

Proof that you shouldn’t mess your other half around (especially when they know web shites better than you do!)

Quick note: Doctor Who on Saturday night, 7pm

Since I feel BBC have done a pretty poor job of announcing the new season of Doctor Who, I wanted to post a quickie to say it’s starting this Saturday at 7pm on BBC One. Set your Sky Plus boxes, Tivos or clear your calendar for the evening and get ready for a new season with the Doctor, his new assistant, some Daleks and (hopefully) a few Jack Harkness appearances! 😉

The death of the water cooler chat

Once upon a time, water cooler chat was a company-wide thing. Anyone could gather in the kitchen during their coffee break and talk about last night’s TV show. Gags and allusions to TV twists caused team-wide laughter or nods, and no one would really feel left out, since most would have watched the same thing.

Nowadays, it’s a whole different story. The market is so incredibly segmented. For some years now, there are hundreds of channels, catering to niche interests. On top of this, Sky Plus and other video recorders are growing in popularity, adding to the mix by enabling us to watch whenever we fancy it. “If you tell me what happened in last night’s Lost episode, I’m going to have to kill you!”

YouTubers lonelygirl15, James Nintendo Nerd and NaltsTo cause further fragmentation, YouTube and Google Video‘s user- generated content is beginning to rival commercially and professionally produced content in terms of appeal, watchability (let’s pretend that’s a word, mmkay?) and entertainment value. With broadband infiltrating British homes at the rate of 70,000 a week, downloading videos, movies or TV shows is becoming easier than ever.

In recent months, the only shows I can think of that have had wide enough appeal to reach across these itty bitty fragments have been Lost and Top Gear, really. (As an aside, if my license fee goes to financing the largest non-commercial rocket launch attempt in European history, I’m all for it!)

Otherwise, an unexpectedly popular topic of conversation is still the Nintendo Wii, which seems to have racked up fans from all ages and interest groups and endures as the best source of evening entertainment.

Personally, I’d be quite happy to see the couch-potato era come to an end to be replaced by interactive media and entertainment. Maybe the next water cooler chat will have to do with our tennis score next time.

What's that on your ear? Who nose!

Red nose on my earMmmmkay, that was lame, I know.

But it’s that time of the year again: Red Nose Day happens in March and the noses are on sale at Sainsbury’s. How about you decorate that nose and send me a picture?

I’ll do it too, but at the moment, my clever husband has stuck them on the coffee table at the moment…

Any local fundraisers happening you want to promote?

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